We have come to rely on his seasoned, strategic counsel on the most critical and sensitive matters, but more importantly, on the quick, responsive, thoughtful, quality writing on key materials that are indispensable to driving consensus, decisions, policy and communications to all audiences and stakeholders — internal, external and national.

-senior executive, Fortune 50 corporation

Jeff has an innate talent, rarely seen, to understand and communicate the culture and voice of an organization and its leadership with amazing insight and speed. We threw a lot of words and background sources his way and asked him to come up with professional and succinct language and concepts for various marketing purposes. Not only were the end product exceptional, but Jeff is a pleasure to work with — a sentiment echoed by everyone who worked with our team throughout the organization.

-the dean of a leading business school

Jeff is simply one of the best writers we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Our clients love his copy and we love that he makes life so easy for us. He’s never missed a deadline, gets the tone right on the first try, and is a delight to work with.

-vice president, Washington DC communications firm